At Bayside, we realize our customers use the internet to research and check prices for what they want to purchase because WE DO THE SAME THING.

 Keeping this in mind, we want to make our buying process simple & easy to understand, while providing fair pricing, and exceeding your expectations for service.

Our goal is for our customers to leave completely satisfied, with no frustration and HAPPY with both their new car AND their experience at Bayside!

What we want to do is take the mystery out of WHY car prices can vary by large amounts between dealerships, so that you understand GOING IN what your car price actually means in real dollars.

Why the difference?

  • We are competing for customers wanting to visit our store. With the internet price as a comparative tool, fewer customers are shopping at the actual dealerships - they use the internet to collect information before they ever come see us.
  • Our overall strategy is to price cars very competitively, passing on the savings to our customers, thereby selling more cars.  While we make less per car, we achieve more overall volume and a more satisfied customer.  We believe this creates a WIN WIN for both dealership & customer.
  • Internet Pricing Strategies vary by dealership.  If you find our price is higher, it could be because we try not to include rebates that only a small percent of customers will receive - for example Military, College Graduate, USAA (Chevy), Farm Bureau (Chevy), and Conquest (Chevy) - so that we are not promoting a price that our average customer cannot achieve.
  • Also, as with most dealerships, our prices do not include transportation charges from the manufacturer to the dealership. We have provided a link that gives you this cost based on model. The other costs are state taxes and tag fees, and a dealer processing charge.

We utilize fair and transparent strategies to stay competitive on the internet, without misleading our potential customers. 

Once you decide to visit our dealership, we hope you will find our in house process to be smooth, relaxing and most of all, EFFICIENT!  If you would like to be in and out of the dealership within an hour here are a few things that will help to make that happen.

  • Talk, text or email our internet sales team with what vehicle you want so that we can make sure we have what you are looking for on the lot.
  • We will work together to finalize a price.
  • You  can fill out a credit application online, where we will shop 12 plus banks for the best rate. Once approved, we will let you know what references we will need so that when you come in, your paperwork is ready for you to sign and leave!

Really, it's that easy!  We look forward to working with you at BAYSIDE!