Importance of Understanding Dashboard Light Definitions

One of the most important things to consider might be the lights that come on during your journey. Our service staff at Kia of Waldorf has compiled some of the most important warning signs to look for to result in the highest safety possible. Try to remember these solutions when using the lights for your car's life in Waldorf, MD:

Oil Pressure: a low oil pressure means a change in oil fluid. Without this, your car can stop working and your engine could be damaged. It is important to check your oil pressure if you drive long distances, getting it replaces after every few months. Your car engine will thank you.

Brakes: this can be a result from low brake fluid to an anti-lock system. It is critical to check up on this issue often, as well, as it can be the most detrimental if not taking care of.

Remember, our dealership has experience and knowledge, so feel free to get your car checked at our dealership!

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