Why You Should Keep Fuel in the Tank During Winter

Most drivers will continue to run the car low on gas until the indication bell sounds and they scramble to find a gas station. This is a dangerous practice when the winter season rolls in, leaving the driving in a more dangerous position when temperatures are life-threatening.

Driving with little fuel inside the gas tank of the car is trouble if anything happens to disable the vehicle. Something as little as a flat tire means you could be stuck in the severe snow as the car now runs out of gas, and you can't use the heater to keep you warm until help arrives. The rear tires need all the help they can get gripping the surface of those icy and sleet covered roads. A full tank of gas means the back of the car is going to be substantially heavier now.

These winter fuel tips from Kia of Waldorf will keep you driving safer, so be sure to confide in our service expertise at 3188 Crain Highway!

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