Understanding the Dangers of Improper Tire Tread

In addition to checking a tire's pressure, drivers should check the tread as well. If a tire is bald, it may not be safe to drive when the roads are covered with snow and ice. It may also not be safe to drive when the roads are wet as well.

This is because worn or bald tires have less grip on the road compared to those that have proper tread. Tires that don't have proper tread may also be at risk of losing air faster than they otherwise would. This could result in a situation where a tire blows out without warning.

Tires that lack proper tread may overheat as there is more friction between the tire and road. Drivers who believe that their tires lack proper tread may wish to visit our service center at Kia of Waldorf. Doing so may make it possible to have tires inspected or replaced.

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